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Intentionally Local For Over 20 Years

R. H. Thackston & Company REALTORS like to think of ourselves as living and working in the "Heart of New England" and being Local by Intent.

What does it mean for a REALTOR to be Local by Intent?

R. H. Thackston & Company REALTORS is committed to being Local by Intent; to us it means that each town and community is seen, heard, known, and valued-not just by a few statistics from a ZIP Code, but by virtually everyone who works here as members of the community.

We know what's important to our customers because we live here too.

Local by Intent means we can tailor a team approach, to you. We work together to help you. Something Mega-Firms often can't do for you. R. H. Thackston & Company's team approach to working with customers and clients allows for a more effective approach than depending on just one individual for everything.

Local by Intent means that because we are located in the heart of New England and we know the area we are licensed in multiple states, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. This allows for a broader spectrum of buyers for listings and listings for buyers to choose from when searching for a property.

Local by Intent means knowing the community; we know Cheshire County, New Hampshire; Sullivan County, New Hampshire; Hillsborough County, New Hampshire; Windham County, Vermont; Windsor County, Vermont; Franklin County, Massachusetts; Worchester, Massachusetts because we live in, work in and care about these communities and have for most of our lives. Simply said, we really do care.

Call R. H. Thackston & Company REALTORS at (603) 357-2121 to talk to one of our REALTORS and discover for yourself how we help our clients to pursue big ideas about living in our small towns.

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